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Studio JLMB

Jean-Louis Martin Marbaz

Professional courses
Sylvain Levitte is a theater teacher at the school of the Studio de Formation théâtrale de Vitry directed by Florian Sitbon as well as at the brand new Studio JLMB. With the student-artists , they work to develop and strengthen their imaginations and their relationship with partners using exercises by Michael Chekhov and classical and contemporary works. Particular work is carried out on the atmospheres, the driving centers and on the different ways of approaching a role.

For more information or to take the entrance exams to these two schools:

1st year - internship (40h)

Sense and imagination, management of space and its body in space


2nd year - interpretation workshop (120h minimum)

Around author, we explore

Representations of workshops:

20/21 - William Shakespeare - Cymbeline and The Winter's Tale

21/22 - Anton Chekhov - A dacha in Finland

22/23 - coming soon...


"No, doubt is preferable... At least we keep hope..."


Sonia in Uncle Vania

Juliette Savary ©Arnaud Bertereau

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