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Lola Sergeant

set design

Lola SERGENT trained at the Duperré school where she explored the curves of the body, its lines and its limits. It was during this BTS fashion design that she was particularly interested in performing arts by transposing her knowledge to costume.


After a year at the Beaux Arts in Lyon in space design, she developed a passion for scenography and finished her studies with a professional license in theatrical scenography at Paris III in partnership with the Duperré school. His attention is focused on theater scenography as well as cinema decoration. She works alongside Marie Le Garrec, Muriel Delamotte, Sandra Castello, Antoine Fontaine and Michel Bathélémy.


Her first scenographies were presented at the Conservatoire de Lyon as well as at the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Paris, where she participated in the creation of two shows with student actors and young directors.


For almost a year now, she has been part of the “Mineurs de fond” collective, for which she works as a graphic designer and scenographer for mainly musical events between Paris and Savoy. Today she continues her research on several contemporary creations around theater, dance and cinema.

She joined the CHOSES ONT LEURS SECRETS team in 2018 for the creation of La Nuit des Rois. Since then, she has worked in close collaboration with Sylvain Levitte on all of the company's scenographies.

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