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Past productions

CNSAD-Paris (theatre Louis Jouvet)
February 14 - 17, 2012

adapted from Frank Wedekind

directors Sylvain Levitte et Anna-Lena Strasse
assistant Julien Bouanich
adaptator Anahita Gohari
set designer Camille Duchemin
costume designer Valérie Montagu
make-up designer Magalie Dumas
light designer Dominique Nocereau
sound designer Yan Galerne
stage manager Rémi Claude
electrician Julien Ullmann
set constructor Ioannis Georgiadis
decorator Aurélie Lemaignen
painting Rauf Dursun
general stage manager Vincent Détraz

Yacine Aït Benhassi, Julien Campani, Hélène Chevallier, Bénédicte Choisnet, William Edimo, Romain Francisco, Jean-Christophe Legendre, Yasmine Nadifi, Clara Noël, Lena Paugam, Juliette Savary, Bertrand Usclat, Charlotte Van Bervesselès


Thirteen actors bring to life the tragic and insignificant story of Lulu. Surrounded by men desperate to exist, Lulu metamorphoses, taking on the identities they need from her. She is a projection of their fantasies and each takes hold of her, until she breaks free. Powerless, we watch a sordid parade where Lulu repeatedly seeks to become a new woman for the man she marries, and each seeks to possess her totally. These thousand faces project the unreal and nightmarish dimension of a disturbing, poetic and burlesque play. The text is the starting point of our ideas, each expressing its own fantasies and madness. Bodies are vehicles for dreams and the power of desire.

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"We knew Sylvain Levitte’s talent as an actor; now he has proven himself as a director."
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CNSAD-Paris (theatre Louis Jouvet)
October 2011

adapted from Molière

directors Sylvain Levitte et Anna-Lena Strasse
general stage management Vincent Détraz
stage management Rémi Claude

Juliette Allain, Bénédicte Choisnet, François Deblock, Jean-Christophe Legendre, Bertrand Usclat, Charlotte Van Bervesseles

Fâcheux et fâcheux

One-hour production in two parts, with the central theme of the “search for happiness and obstacles to it”. Three starting points for productions were discussed in rehearsals: the text, the space and the imagination of the actors.

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