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Let them eat chaos

text Kae Tempest

translation Louise Barlett et D' de Kabal

direction and set design Sylvain Levitte

dramaturg Clara Noël

choreograph en cours

video en cours

régie générale et lumière Matthieu Marques Duarte

cast Kathryn Hunter ...

expected running time : 1h20all audience


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production compagnie LES CHOSES ONT LEURS SECRETS

coproductions Scène Nationale d'Evreux (TANGRAM)

accueils en résidence and support le CENTQUATRE-PARIS

New creation of the company. 

Let them eat chaos focuses on seven human beings living in the same time, in the same city, on the same street, in London.

It’s 4:18 in the morning, and our seven "perfect strangers" are not sleeping. They can't. Without even knowing it, it’s what unites them that night. Kae Tempest writes about them, reveals them, tries to describe what keeps them awake. Then begins a path to discover their humanities. With all the sweetness and power of their words, Kae Tempest invites us to get closer to them and asks us to discover the ties that unite them.

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Inspiration,Crowd, Gisèle Vienne

"Seven doors to seven flats open at the same time

and light the raining pavement.


Seven broken hearts

Seven empty faces

Heading out of doors :

Here's our seven perfect strangers."

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