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high schools in Normandy

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"Generation Verona"
aroundRomeo and Juliet
Senghor high school in Evreux
directed by May Hilaire and Clara Noël
Second - Optional option
2021/2022 (2h/week)
Each week, a seasonnce of two hours with about fifteen students of Terminale option theater at theSenghor high school in Evreux. Sylvain Levitte intervened from September 2020 to May 2021.
The theme of the year given by National Education was"Generations", it is therefore quite natural that the students and Sylvain looked at what binds and what separates the generations between them.Writing of a letter to the dream parents: what would we like to say to our parents? What would our parents like to tell us? Then gradually, work on the scenes written byJoel Pommerat inThis child and try to start playing someone other than yourself, a parent or a child. Finally, the year-end work focused onKing Lear by Shakespeare. We highlighted the need for control of the elders when the youngest want to emancipate themselves, take flight and control their own lives. Understanding the other generation, the one we are not in this moment, can help us avoid repeating the tragic mistakes of this king and his offspring.
Richard III
Senghor high school in Evreux
directed by Clara Noel
First - Heavy Option
2022/2023 (3h/week)
Clara Noël will intervene from September to December 2022 and will work with the twenty heavy option students from Première at the Senghor high school in Evreux onRichard III by William Shakespeare.
in progress...
Senghor high school in Evreux
directed by Clara Noel
Terminale - Heavy option
2022/2023 (4h/week)
in progress...
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