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Here is the storm that begins

with the students of the Studio de Formation théâtrale de Vitry

from The Winter's Tale

by William Shakespeare

translation of  Bernard-Marie  Koltes

director Sylvain Levitte


Alexandre Becourt, Arthur Boucheny, Lou Dubernat, Inès Fakhet, Célia Farenc, Matteo Gaya, Julien Gerard, Clémence Henry, Kessy Huebi-Martel, Charlène Juvé, Jeanne Lasserre, Mateo Nedellec, Amel Nemras, Alice Piatier, Juliette Perret, Joana Rebelo, Emile rigaud

duration of the show: 1h30

for all


Theater of the Oppressed  - Paris

June 14, 2021 - 7 p.m.

June 15, 2021 - 9 p.m.

after Shakespeare's Winter Tale, translated by Koltès


Shakespeare's penultimate play, The Winter's Tale is a mystery and so are its characters. Each seems to be defined very clearly and yet they are all more complex than they appear. To stage part of the Winter's Tale is not to try to elucidate the enigmas it contains, but to show them so that everyone can feel the depth of our humanities. Listening to our dreams, our nightmares, our hopes, fears and doubts to deliver a feeling rather than a certainty.

With 17 students from the Studio de Formation théâtrale de Vitry, we studied and tried to uncover the secrets and humanities of three characters from the Winter Tale : Léontes, Antigonus and Autolycus ...

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